Why China?

With China became the second largest economy, the world is paying increasing attention to the nation’s development. Scholars and policy makers share the perspective that today’s China with its rising power is strong enough to influence economic and political affairs worldwide. It’s no doubt the connection between China and the rest of the world is growing tremendously. Open market desires for intensive culture exchange and foreign interaction have increased to the extent history has never seen. It is truly exciting and historic opportunity to participate in this transformation. CanGoChina is the destination for your path to China.


Reasons to go teach in china

  1. Culture Immersion
  2. Global Network Building 
  3. Value & Objective
  4. Challenge 
  5. History
  6. Vision/ Foundation to future 
  7. Financial Rewards
  8. Fun

This is a life-time opportunity for anyone who is adventurous and curious about oriental culture! CGC’ China coordinators are resourceful and will introduce various cultural programs for our teachers. The monumental and heritage sites in ancient cites in China are so impressive and fascinating, and you will never run out of things to do in spare time. The culture is quite different from the West; you may find Tai-Chi practice, bird strolling, and group dancing or singing of theme songs as part of local people’s daily activities interesting. China as a whole is constructed on traditional virtues and values, and each region has its own distinctive cultural customs. Our collaborative programs with local schools will further

Culture Immersion

Our headquarter in Beijing has over 3,000 institutions as partners globally, and you can take advantage of shared database system. Not only you will be connected with other professionals during the employment time period, the access to resources remains available to you in the future. 

Global Network Building

Value & Objective



Vision/ Foundation to future

  • Low Cost of Living means High Disposable Income 
  • Save, Save, Save Money – Pay off your Student Loan!
  • The cost of living in China is low.

You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and how strong your purchasing power is. You can afford a lifestyle you are unlikely to be enjoying at home: get a housekeeper, travel every month, enjoy frequent restaurant meals, massages, and nights on the town.

Financial Rewards

Living in a foreign country can be challenging while on the other hand you can easily make friends with locals. The students are curious, passionate and appreciative. If you happen to have a Brad Pitt smile or Bradley Cooper’s hair, congratulations! you may very much feel like a real STAR!

In addition, there are ample travel opportunities for travel as well. With 1.4 billion of the population, China’s transport system, by necessity, is generally considered efficient to a certain degree. There are high speed trains and cheap flights available (pre-purchase of tickets are required during national holiday seasons). No matter you are looking for a weekend hiking, summer beach trip, or heritage sites, there is no lack of scenery.