Immediate & Year Round Teaching Jobs in China                                      (2018-2020) 




  • K-12 Teachers (International schools, Bilingual schools and Kindergartens)


  • University Level Instructors


  • Principal and Administrative Positions


  • English Language School Teachers

We are searching for teachers in the following areas: ESL, Academic English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Humanities, Science, Geography,  Biology, Computer, World History, Music, Fine Arts, Drama, Finance, Economics, Management, PE and ICT.  AP, IB, A-Level.

CanGoChina is the gateway to fulfilling your goals as a teacher, administrator, and citizen of the world. As a premier global education recruitment center, we are seeking English native speakers and enthusiastic instructors to teach in all subject areas in a variety of grade levels, starting in pre-k all the way up to the college level, in some of China’s most desirable schools. All of our partner institutions provide excellent compensation packages with competitive salaries and benefits packages. Additionally, our schools are located all across China.

What Benefits Package I can get?
*Please note, the salary may differ according to the applicant's qualification.

·         Salary - 14,000-32,000 RMB/month (approx. US$2000-$5000/month) 

·         Free Rent - Furnished apartment provided for free or full cost of rent covered.

·         Free Flight

·         Arrival Support - Airport pick-up, and accommodation assistance(hotel/apartment)

·         Insurance - Medical and accident insurance after probation 

·         Paid Leave - Paid National holidays + Paid others 

·         Visa - Paid work permit, residence permit and medical check-up fees 

If you are interested, please submit your application to

Can I Save Money While I Teach in China? Yes, you can save a lot.
Compared to most western countries, the cost of living in China is relatively low. Therefore the savings from your work in China can be very substantial and be of great assistance with other financial duties back home. Imagine paying off your students loans and saving money all while living comfortably! 

Life in China
With the competitive salary CanGoChina provides, you will have the ability to fully experience all that life in China has to offer. You will be able to dine out frequently, visit museums, partake in weekend getaways, enjoy the nightlife and much more. Our class schedules are usually flexible which leaves you with abundant free time to explore China.

Your work as a teacher and member of our CanGoChina community will certainly create a full and enjoyable schedule. You will find that you can easily make friends with locals and that the students are curious, passionate and appreciative. There are plenty of cultural similarities and also many opportunities to learn about the Chinese culture. You will feel like a star in the community!

China's transportation system is excellent. There are high speed trains and cheap flights. No matter if you are looking for a weekend hike, a summer beach trip, or a visit to historical sites, there is no lack of transportation and destinations.


 Am I Qualified to Teach In China?
*Please note, the following requirements may differ according to the specific position applied for.

·         If you have earned a bachelor’s degree in Education or TESOL you are fully qualified to teach            right after graduation. No experience needed!

·        If you have a Bachelor's Degree or higher in other Major, you have to get a TEFL/TESOL                 certificate (at least 120-hour online courses),  or CELTA/DELTA/PGCE/QTS.

·         Subject teaching positions are available for candidates with relevant teaching background in              selected subjects.  IGCSE, A-level and/AP/-or IB teaching experience preferred.



About CanGoChina

CanGoChina is an integrated education solutions provider located in the heart of New York-Time Square. We are at the forefront of international education and cultural exchange, striving to deliver full-scale services to perfectly match you with an ideal educational program. We are committed to bridging the world with China, and our ultimate vision is to foster global citizenship and provide quality education on a global scale.

A branch of Can-Achieve, CanGoChina’s core focus is international talent recruitment and educational resource consolidation. We value each educator and provide them with the most competitive salary, benefits package and seamless support. Our headquarters, being an International Education Group, supplies a large systematic support network that we utilize to support all teachers. Currently, we have 14 offices across all regions of China and 6 international locations. including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

CanGoChina NY works closely with the headquarters on the global strategy. Our professional members are devoted to match the best & brightest talents with the most valuable opportunities. We aim to be the channel for your fulfilling and unforgettable teaching, living and learning experience in China.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our  website, contact us at 646-757-3223 and email at, We look forward to hearing from you!
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