Have I done an act that benefits the community? Then I have received my reward.
— Marcus Aurelius

One Stop Support

Our strong partnership with premier education and marketing consulting organization, Can-Achieve, helps us provide every single one of our educators with optimal accommodations and support. We supply 24 hour, 7 days a week support services.

One-stop Services

Visa - With over 20 years of experience helping students get Visas, we know the procedure and keep up to date with all changes to ensure a smooth and stress free process.

Application - we provide you with all the resources needed to help meet the requirements.

Communication - No matter how long the duration of your employment, we will keep in close contact throughout your experience with our 24/7 support center. We guarantee to assist you with any difficulties and would also like to hear about your successes and comments on your experience!

Think it no shame to accept help.
— Marcus Aurelius


Selection of prestigious school systems - We are heavily invested in optimal school selection and employ strict standards to ensure that we only work with the best institutions.

Flexibility, variety of choices - there are a variety of programs and locations that are available. If you have already determined a destination city we will do our best to meet your request.

Professionalism – Our team members are well-trained professionals with backgrounds in education or in related fields. Our industry knowledge allows us to effectively prepare and place each educator.

Network - CanGoChina has created and maintained a wide and strong global network of educators and institutions that strive for excellence together. Through this network, we will be able to provide you with connections to others who have similar goals and help you build your own global network.

Alone we are smart.
Together we are brilliant.
— Steven Anderson

Location of Support Centers 


Can-Achieve Education, Beijing
Fax: 8610-5869.4171
Email: Marketing@can-achieve.com.cn
Add: 802,Tower B,JianWai SOHO Office Building,No.39, Dongsanhuan Zhonglu Chaoyang District,Beijing,100022,China

North America

CanGoChina, New York
Add: 1441 Broadway 6th Floor. Suite 6024, New York, NY 10018
Tel: 646-757-3223
Email: Lynn@cangochina.org


Can-Achieve Education, Los Angeles
Add: 1 World Trade Center, Suite 1130, Long Beach, CA 90831
Tel: 562-999-3663
Fax: 562-270-0381

Can-Achieve Education, Toronto
Add: Suite 1707, 5000 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON Canada M2N 7E9
Tel: (647)727-1139
Email: toronto@can-achieve.com.cn


Can-Achieve Education, Vancouver
Suite 1480, 1090 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 3V7
Tel: (778)588-0750
Email: Vancouver@can-achieve.com.cn