What is the Cost of living in China and Can I save money?

  • Low Cost of Living means High Disposable Income. 
  • Save, Save, Save Money – Pay off your Student Loan!
  • The cost of living in China is low.

Compared to most western countries, the cost of living in China is relatively low. Therefore the savings from your work in China can be very substantial and be of great assistance with other financial duties back home. Imagine paying off your students loans and saving money all while living comfortably! 

With the competitive salary CanGoChina provides, you will have the ability to dine out frequently,  visit museums, partake in weekend getaways, fully enjoy the nightlife and much more. Our class schedules are usually flexible which leaves you with abundant free time to explore China and enjoy all that life there has to offer.

 Your work as a teacher and member of our CanGoChina community will certainly  create a full and enjoyable schedule. You will find that you make friends with locals and that the students are curious, passionate and appreciative. Despite some cultural differences, there are also plenty of similarities. You will feel like a star in the community!

In addition, there are ample travel opportunities. With 1.4 billion people living in the country, China's transportation system is excellent. There are high speed trains and cheap flights. No matter if you are looking for a weekend hike, a summer beach trip, or historical sites, there is no lack of transportation and destinations.


Sample Teacher Monthly Budget in China

Gross Income (Salary / Free Accommodation or Allowance) 20,000 RMB
Utilities -300 RMB
Transportation -250 RMB
Phone & Internet -300 RMB
Dining Out (80 RMB / per day Avg) -2,500 RMB
Groceries -600 RMB
Leisure Activities & Shopping -1300 RMB
Remaining Disposable Income / Savings = about $2000 USD 14,750 RMB