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What is the salary and benefits package in China?

CanGoChina works with great partner schools and offers excellent pay in cities all over China. The salaries vary depending on school, location, your teaching experience, and the topic of your instruction. The low cost of living in China means high disposable income and an excellent opportunity to save money.

SCHOOL TYPE in General Salary (RMB) /US$
Before Taxes
CanGoChina Salary (RMB) /US$
Before Taxes
Public Schools 11,000-18,000
$1600 -$2600
$2000 -$3300
International 15,000-30,000
University 8,000-11,000
$2000 -$3300
Kindergarten 10,000-20,000
Language Centers 12,000-21,000

What benefits package can I get?

*Please note, the following compensation and benefits package is a general guide to some types of compensation packages by CanGoChina partner schools. Individual schools will send offers to successful candidates based on the school's pay scale as it matches with the candidate's qualifications and experience.

  • Salary - 12,000-30,000 RMB/month (approx. US$1800-$4500/month)
  • Visa - Paid work permit, residence permit and medical check-up fees
  • Flight Reimbursement - Between 5000-12,000 RMB(school/location dependent)
  • Arrival Support - Airport pick-up, and accommodation assistance(hotel/apartment)
  • Accommodation - Furnished apartment or housing allowance provided
  • Food - Food allowance or 3 free meals per day 
  • Insurance - Medical and accident insurance after probation
  • Paid Leave - Paid National holidays + Paid Summer and/-or Winter holiday